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Discover Rome By Buzz

Would you discover Rome by a cutest electric microcar? Buzz4Tours offer you a tour of Rome by a Buzz-car with pre-set navigator and audioguide.

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Formula E: Rome goes sustainable

On Saturday April 14, for the first time in Rome and on Italian soil, the fourth race of the International Formula E Championship will be held. Forget the smells and smog of the racing formula we are all used to, this race is about a cleaner planet and a population more respectful of the environment [...]

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Must-Have Apps for Tourists in Rome

Technology keeps evolving, it goes wherever we go and we cannot possibly do without our smart-phones. We travel around the cities of the world, visiting, taking photos and of course, sharing as we go. In this article you’ll find the best Apps to visit Rome, all free to download, in English or more languages and [...]

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Rome’s 5 best parks!

Not many people know that the district of  Rome can boast the greenest hectares in Europe. Indeed some 67% of its territory is covered by parks and gardens. Rome has its Popes and  noblemen who governed it for centuries, building sumptuous villas and charming estates in the country,  to thank for this record. This article [...]

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Contemporary Architecture in Rome

When you think of Rome you inevitably think of its grand passed, of its ancient glory made up of Popes and Emperors, but that isn’t all there is to it. Not everybody realizes just how much the Eternal City is projected into the future despite its modern buildings testifying just that. This article covers the [...]

marzo 13th, 2018|Discover Rome by Buzz|0 Comments

A short history of Rome’s transport

How did the ancient Romans get about? What about today’s? […]

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