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Discover Rome by Scooter

Would you discover Rome by scooter? Buzz4Tours offer you a Rome Tour on a typical vespa scooter with pre-set routes and audioguide.

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Roman Holiday Vespa Tour

How would you like to ride a Vespa and re-live some of the scenes of one of the most classic films of our times, “Roman Holiday”? Experience Princess Ann’s (Audrey Hepburn) emotions during her charming tour of the Eternal City? Well, heads up and start the engine, Buzz4tours presents the “Roman Holiday Vespa Tour”! Duration: [...]

ottobre 4th, 2018|Discover Rome By Scooter|0 Comments

Vespa Tour of Rome By Night: a truly spectacular experience

Given the fact that the majority of monuments in Rome are suggestively lit-up, a Vespa Tour of Rome By Night is a truly spectacular experience.  As well as giving you the opportunity of admiring the incomparable beauty of the Eternal City immersed in an evening’s magical atmosphere, it will allow you to savour its nightlife [...]

agosto 23rd, 2018|Discover Rome By Scooter|0 Comments

Make your Rome Vespa Tour all the more memorable with the new Vespa Primavera!

The excitement grows at Buzz4tours as the countdown for the arrival of a brand new Vespa has begun! The scooter rental service Buzz4tours offers its clients with Rome touring intentions, comprises the top of the range 125 cc Vespas sporting useful accessories such as USB holders to charge your mobile.  The new arrival though is [...]

giugno 27th, 2018|Discover Rome By Scooter|0 Comments

Rome Vintage Shopping: Top 7 Shops and Marketplaces

Imagine walking around Rome in between an ancient monument and a Baroque church and you suddenly get the urge to browse around a few shops. This atmosphere of times gone has perhaps prompted you to seek-out some Vintage clothing, but where to find it is the question? This article will introduce you to the 7 [...]

maggio 31st, 2018|Discover Rome By Scooter|0 Comments

Rome Off the Beaten Track: street food, hidden gems and much more

Thanks to the iPad and GPS navigator provided with our cute Buzz buggies and our iconic Vespas, Buzz4tours has provided pre-set itineraries around Rome for some time now. A Fun, quick, easy and ecological way to visit the marvels of the Eternal City. In this article we’ll share some places that are unknown to most [...]

maggio 25th, 2018|Discover Rome By Scooter|0 Comments