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Put your mobile away and use our pre-set navigator to reach all the mustsees. Jump on board  our latest Vespa and pass for a ‘local’ as you rev your way through the streets and alleyways of ancient and modern Rome.

The symbol of the perfect  Roman Holiday, your Vespa can also take you out of town off the beaten track… beaches or countryside, for more fun and freedom. Come and see us, we’ll show you where!

  • Drive the Latest Top of the Range.

  • Free pre-set Navigator.

  • Think Hygiene: Free Bandana Scarf

  • Free Parking.

  • Reach all Traffic Restricted Areas.

So… You’re about to rent a Vespa in Rome from us … Here are some pointers to pass for a real Roman on 2 wheels:


  • Bob ‘n weave between cars changing lanes as often as you can
  • Sound your horn incessantly if you’re stuck behind a slow motorist
  • Guys: whistle at a pretty girl – Girls: shout “ Ah bellooo” (hey good looking) if you like a guy… NB this may only be done in absence of respective partners… yours and theirs 
  • Set your elbows at near right angles and let the point of your shoes dangle from the front of the foot rests – chew gum with your mouth strictly open
  • Rock your chest forward as you come off the lights and whistle… regardless of good lookers…


  • Let anybody through
  • Thank anybody for letting you through
  • Queue in traffic (seriously)


Rome is a beautiful City but it isn’t famous for the visibility of its road signs.

You are not allowed to drive in Bus lanes so if you are following a bus or a taxi, there is a very good chance you are in the wrong lane.

Bus lanes are characterised by a continuous yellow line delimiting the lane, sometimes you may see “plastic pizzas” stuck to the line and usually, unless it has been hung facing the nearest wall, you should also see a sign at the beginning of the lane.

The trouble is, you may be coming from a side street, heading for an intersection where no warning signs of an incumbent bus lane may have been placed.

In short, whenever you are turning into another road, glance at the tarmac and check it for thick yellow lines…

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Vespa Rental Rome

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