Hello, my name is Peter Hall and I founded Buzz4tours in 2012. When I first saw Buzz, I fell in love and decided to build a business around it.

As a ‘slightly’ ageing entrepreneur 🙁 , I have set up and run a fair number of businesses in my working life but none have given me more satisfaction than Buzz4tours. I have spanned from Finance to Property to Sales Training to Advertising… some definitely more fun than others ?

When you consider that public transport in Rome, my home for the last 26 years, is highly unreliable and so badly organized that buying a ticket turns into a treasure hunt, it will be easy to guess what might have prompted the idea behind Buzz4tours!

When you add to this factor the tricky task of deciding “what to see and how to get there” as in any new city, you will have guessed the prompt. So the concept is simple: “Give people a compact, electric vehicle with an iPad that will guide them to all the major sites without getting lost”… easy sightseeing!

The first hand, enthralled, comments we get from our customers when they return after their good times with Buzz, has made it all worth doing. People are kind enough to post their reviews about us on TripAdvisor and other socials, and thanks to them, thank you, we are very proud to have been awarded a “Certificate of Excellence” by the the very same ‘’Travel Gurus” for the last three years running.

Having recently added Vespa rental to our services we now like to think ourselves as a “fun vehicle” rental company and certainly both Buzz and Vespa, are great fun to drive.

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