Rome is the Eternal City even its days seem to never end. The Romans know how to have a good time and when night falls there are plenty of places to listen to good music and dance. I bet you’d like to know which are the nicest. Let’s find out together!

Ex Dogana

This massive place used to be a train depot and now hosts concerts, clubbing, food, cocktails, art and films. It lies in the heart of the University area of San Lorenzo not far from Termini station. The top  DJs in the world give their best here as do rock groups “with a difference’’ not to mention Theme nights. The Ex Dogana (meaning Customs) is not just a disco but it is mainly an artists ‘hang-out’ where Art rules. It’s a cool place designed and conceived for savvi clubbers. We advise a visit maybe after drinks [link ad articolo su aperitivi] and some dinner at one of the numerous pubs and restaurants in the area. Prices between 10 and 25€ per person but you could also find free entry events.

Shari Vari

Slap in the middle of the centre of Rome, a few steps from the Pantheon, this club is both elegant and refined. A number of events are organized here  from individual parties within disco nights or renting a space out privately. The club offers a number of rooms: the main room on the ground floor, another in the lower ground and a third in a more secluded area within. From Thursdays to Saturdays you get ‘House’ Theme nights. Prices around  €35 per person.

Forte Prenestino

This is the most important, large, old standing Social Centre of Rome and amongst the most important in Europe. An absolute institution. It is located in the Centocelle neighborhood drawn from an old military fort (hence the name) originally built in the ‘40s later to be abandoned. Its meandering tunnels boasting some of the best street art you may find and the variety of music played and events organized, make it an ideal place for underground and alternative music lovers. It is quite a way away from the centre of town, but well worth the trip. 


A trendy place for sure, young and viby, the Akab sits in the heart of the Testaccio neighborhood, the Roman movida area. It doubles/trebles up, depending on the nights, from disco-bar to music club to disco or art space, offering fun events of all kinds. From House to Rap/R&B, it reaches out to a heterogeneous public, ranging from casual to with-it, cosmopolitan and laid back. You’ll find locals and foreigners to add to the happy mix.


One of the largest clubs in the Capital. 4 disco halls on 3 levels enticing and offering the best audio-video tech in town. Each hall offers a different musical genres ranging from: American rap stars to Latino-American, R&B, Afro and House. The Muccassassina night may be worth a mention as the historical gay-friendly Party in Rome. Near Tiburtina station.

Well, you’ve got the info, all that’s left to do is to “start the engines” and jump in for an unforgettable evening in Roma!