1. The Client, must return the vehicle with the same amount of petrol and in the same condition found on pick-up. The Client must inspect the vehicle before setting off and will point out any damages found.
  2. The vehicle must be returned at the indicated time and date on the rental document or at the time and date subsequently agreed with a Buzz4tours representative. Late returns will be billed at €15.00 per hour.
  3. In case of an accident the Client is hereby obliged to immediately inform Buzz4tours (mobile, sms or email )
  4. In case of theft the Client will be liable to pay an Excess amount of 20% of the market value of the vehicle (Eurotax quotation)
  5. With the exception of damages incurred in an accident caused by third parties, the client shall be liable for any direct or indirect damages to the vehicle. Subject to final invoice, such damages shall be estimated as follows inclusive of spare parts but excluding labour and VAT at 22%:
    • Windshield, €70
    • Rear-view Mirrors €65, each
    • Body Panels: Leg Shield, €650
    • Repair and re-spray (RR) of the same, €200
    • Metal Cornice €60
    • RR of Side Panels, €190
    • Front headlight assembly, €220
    • Rear light assembly, €180
    • Chassis realignment €350
    • Front Fork, €550
    • Front mudguard, €95
    • Rear Top Box €130
    • Tow-truck transportation from within the GRA of Rome €65
  6. The client hereby authorizes Buzz4tours to debit his/her Credit Card with the total amount required as per the above listed costs. Should the amount exceed either in part or whole the Client’s Credit Card limit, the Client hereby agrees to settle any shortcomings within 30 days from rental end.
  7. All fines incurred during the rental period and/or vehicle removal, will be for the Client’s account.
  8. The Client must return any helmet/s and accessories in the same state they were received. Failure to do so will authorize Buzz4tours to debit the Credit Card supplied with the sum of €110 per helmet, €250 per smartphone. Loss of keys €100.
  9. In case of mechanical failure or damages caused by the Client, any road-side assistance and/or towage back to Buzz4tours’ repair garage, shall be for the Client’s account.
  10. The vehicle must not be driven under the influence of alcohol or drugs.
  11. The vehicle, nor eventual accessories, must not be lent to any third party without written consent by Buzz 4.

The Client hereby declares he/she has read and understood clauses 1 to 11 of this document which he/she signes in acceptance thereof.

The client hereby authorizes Buzz4tours to use his/her personal data to satisfy any request by the Authorities in respect of any fines and or traffic offences or involvement in accidents pertinent to this rental.